And there’s the thunder

What a day. What a beautiful Sunday.

Neil Lennon and his team were out to prove a point yesterday. A point to the mainstream media who have been cheerleading our noisy neighbours all summer; to said noisy neighbours who never, and will never, learn to just keep quiet, focus on their football, and wait to play the game when it comes around; and to people like me who have been tactically critical of our manager throughout the past few months.

Yesterday, Neil Lennon not only played a blinder on the park but off it too. His post-match comments were fantastic; we had been an afterthought during the coverage building up to the game, as had he, with all the attention placed on what Steven Gerrard was going to do.

Steven Gerrard did nothing. Rangers did nothing. While Neil Lennon put on a tactical masterclass. And, after doing so, called out his many doubters; myself included. It was vindication, and it was wonderful to see.

As Odsonne Edouard rugby punted the ball into touch with the first kick of the game I turned to my dad and questioned, “what the fuck was that?”

Again, I was wrong.

As Lennon stated after the game it was a symbolic move that told our opponents “we are going for you today.” That there would be no more passive passing, no more hiding, we were going to put them under pressure from the first second. We were there to win.

My personal highlight yesterday came from Scott Brown. Not for his performance per se, although it was a dominating one vastly improved from our previous visits to Ibrox, but for his own symbolic moment around the 15th minute mark as he snarled and gesticulated across the park, flexing his muscle and barking out orders as only Scott Brown can.

At that moment Scott Brown struck fear into his opponents, metaphorically pulling their pants down before his imitators would, latterly, struggle so desperately to do so, literally.

I have no idea about the upcoming forecast over Paradise. Perhaps there will be more clouds on the way. Perhaps nothing but a golden sky. What I do know for sure is that yesterday signified the return of the thunder to Neil Lennon and his side, and it felt fucking great to see.



  1. Badman J · September 2, 2019

    Haha love this article.

    Copious amounts of humble pie with a side of ice-cream and jelly!

    I don’t know about you, but I wanna be Edouard.

    I wanna, I wanna, I wanna…

    Liked by 1 person

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